Singing Time

Primary Singing Time Files

I got to be the Primary Chorister for my ward for a couple of years when my daughter was 3 years old, back in 2005. After a stint as the Activity Days leader, I became the Stake Primary Chorister in 2008 through April of 2011.  Being a Primary Chorister is literally the BEST calling in the whole church! :)

I wanted to post some of my favorite files here to pass on to the new Stake Chorister.  Hope that they can help you, too!  The documents are in Word unless otherwise specified.

How to Teach a Song to Children- Straight from the “fine print” inside of the Children’s songbook,  but in digital form. The 1st two pages are easy to print back to back & use as a lesson plan template to teach a new song.

How to Teach a Song to Children- PDF version

Children’s Hymns- All Children’s Songs listed alphabetically on 2 pages.  I like to print on card-stock as a reference to use during primary. Makes it easy to find the page number of someone’s “Favorite Song.”

primarysonglist 2011 04- Excel; This one is in “page number” order, and shaded in colors that match the Children’s Songbook categories.

Suggested Nursery Songs- For in case you also help for singing time in Nursery.

Birthday songs- PDF

Feliz Cumpleanos- PDF; I love to teach this one!

Sing Like a…- Part 1-PDF

Sing Like a…- Part 2