About Me

I am really lucky that my husband Dave is such a computer whiz… and that he is so patient in teaching me just a portion of what he knows.  I am first and foremost his wife and eternal companion.  We have been married since 1998!

I am also a mother of 3 (one angel daughter in heaven, stillborn in 2000, another daughter born in 2001, and a son born in 2006.)

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In the year 2000 I graduated from Brigham Young University and accepted a job as an elementary school teacher in Utah’s Granite District.  I have been teaching ever since, with 2 years off in the middle when Natalie was a baby.

When I was 8 months pregnant with Natalie, I started a direct sales business, so my business has also been around since 2001.  I absolutely love what my business has provided for me and my family.  I earned the use of my first career car last May of 2009, and finished directorship in June 2009, which means I was able to help & support other consultants in our area till January 2011, when I decided to be a consultant again.  I did this partly so that I could better keep up with everything I am trying to balance in life, but mostly because when we prayed about it, that’s what felt right for right now.  I love that it’s the type of business that allows that type of flexibility!  And someday I hope I am able to become a Sales Director again.

I have enjoyed many callings in my church, the majority of which have been with the primary children.  I have served as classroom teacher, ward music leader, cub scout wolf leader, activity days leader, stake primary music leader, and now stake primary 1st counselor.

The purpose of this blog is to share with you tips, ideas, strategies, stories, and some of my favorite files from all aspects of my life: motherhood (including some of my favorite recipes!), owning a home-based business (i.e. inspiration, time management ideas, record keeping tips, etc.), teaching (planning, lessons, websites, book reviews, etc.), and serving in the primary.  There will also be technology tips which crossover into all of those roles!

I would love to hear from YOU.  Don’t hesitate to make a comment on any subjects that interest you, and please share any of your tips, ideas, websites, or thoughts with us, too!

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