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How Can You Possibly Make a Difference?

Published April 22nd, 2009

This is a story that originated from Loren Eiseley and was adapted by Joel Barker. There are a lot of different versions online, and I’m┬ásure you’ve all heard the story before, but I absolutely love it and wanted it on my blog, too. ) The Star Thrower Story (or “The Starfish Story”) Once upon a [...]

Are you “stuck?”

Published April 21st, 2009

Anne Vertel says there are 2 reasons why we sometimes feel “stuck”… “Limiting Beliefs “ I worked with a client recently who does lots of things to expand her thinking. She listens to motivational tapes, says daily affirmations, goes to motivational events, and reads a ton of books. But she wasn’t becoming wealthy. She came [...]