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Did those athletes just “end up” at the Olympics?

Published August 28th, 2008

Thank you Ann, for another incredible article!!!  HAD to share this one, too! What Olympic Athletes Know About a Successful [Direct Sales] Business August 26th, 2008 by Ann Vertel The Olympics seemed to come and go in a flash. I must confess I only caught the closing ceremonies but continue to be impressed with the [...]

Less Than Perfectly Organized…

Published August 25th, 2008

Another really good article I read today that I thought I would share… Less Than Perfectly Organized by Liz Canavan  close friend doesn’t understand why, on a beautiful Saturday, I would rather clean my garage than play in the mountains. Nor does she understand why I’ve turned down social invitations because I was sorting papers [...]

A Gold Medal Champion…

Published August 22nd, 2008

I loved this article I received yesterday in my inbox.  Thought I would share! )   “5 Keys to a Gold Medal Performance According to Michael Phelps” By Sarah Robinson, Innovation Expert and Founder, © 2008 Sarah Robinson Co. Well, I’ve spent every night in front of the television watching the Olympics. You have [...]