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Gratitude Quote

Published June 13th, 2010

Found this on one of my favorite photography blogs:… I love it already!

Published June 25th, 2009

I have been trying to learn an online scheduling site called Tungle.  I LOVE it so far!  I see a lot of potential for use with my direct selling business.  Here is one of their most recent update emails: June 1, 2009 It’s time to get social!  Today, Tungle has released – the simplest way [...]

Are you “stuck?”

Published April 21st, 2009

Anne Vertel says there are 2 reasons why we sometimes feel “stuck”… “Limiting Beliefs “ I worked with a client recently who does lots of things to expand her thinking. She listens to motivational tapes, says daily affirmations, goes to motivational events, and reads a ton of books. But she wasn’t becoming wealthy. She came [...]

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